Specializing in the sale and auction of Native American artifacts and Indian Markets.

How can I bid at one of your auctions?

Allard Auctions is a traditional auction house that conducts auctions on-site and in real time. Bidders are welcome and encouraged to attend in person, but for those who cannot, we invite bidders to participate as absentee bidders. Bidding as an absentee is a convenient and effective alternative to “in-person” bidding and about 50% of all absentee bidders are successful on at least one item in the auction. There are several different avenues for absentee bidding that a person can take depending on personal preference (described below). These bidders, along with the in-house bidders, are all competing against each other to obtain the high bid, thereby “winning” the lot. It is understood that all participating bidders have agreed to comply with our Terms and Conditions.

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